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GEAVET is a project co-funded by the European Union. GEAVET project consists of a series of initiatives and actions aimed at conducting research and implementing solutions to enhance the Training ecosystems of Sub-Saharan Africa, making them more sustainable, digital, resilient, and inclusive, particularly for women and youth. To achieve this objective, resources have been allocated to connect experts and stakeholders from various European and Sub-Saharan Africa countries, fostering cooperation, investigating local training and entrepreneurial ecosystems, understanding local needs, exchanging best practices, and supporting and organizing mobility opportunities for VET (vocational education and training) operators that will have an impact in spreading innovative and necessary hard and soft skills, including entrepreneurial skills, resulting in a larger positive impact in the fields of Food & Agriculture, Tourism, and many others…

Project Activities

Project Objectives


Promoting inclusive and green economic growth, biodiversity protection and restoration, boosting digital transition, addressing climate change, food security, youth unemployment, and gender inequality, and searching for solutions.


Promoting sustainable agriculture through the development of climate-smart agricultural practices to boost resilience needed to face climate change-related challenges, to increase productivity, and to create (green) job opportunities, especially for youth and women, aiming at generating the movement from subsistence farming to nature-positive income-generating activities.


Push to create businesses by fostering entrepreneurship education.


Improve VET responsiveness to economic and social changes, focusing on green transition skills to bridge labor market gaps.


Address the needs of women in farm modernization, innovation and market orientation.


Reinforce the capacities of VET providers to engage with business associations and enterprises, strengthening networking across countries and regions, and public-private synergies.